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一、 Quality criteria Quality of work is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. In order to implement quality standards, our employees must maintain the following quality of work every day: 1. The quality of every process, every component, every document, every word and deed must be guaranteed at least to satisfy the ordering and customers. Actively participate in the continuous improvement of our product performance and production process 3. Never avoid mistakes, correct them in time, and take effective measures to avoid the recurrence of mistakes. 4. Work in a regular and orderly manner, and always maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the post
Environmental Guidelines

Reducing pollution and improving the environment are environmental norms and social responsibilities.

1. We try to reduce waste emissions as much as possible.
2. We properly handle production wastes, wastewater and exhaust gases according to law.
3. We require suppliers to abide by relevant environmental laws and regulations and use recyclable, green, energy-saving and harmless materials as far as possible.
Reduce noise pollution and prolong service life as much as possible
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